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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  October 1, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute you >> are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at noon own. -- this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. taliban is claiming responsibility for the latest deadly attack on forces in
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afghanistan. richard engel is in afghanistan with the latest. >> military sources say that three american soldiers were killed earlier today while on foot patrol with afghan police. they were approached by a taliban suicide bomber who was also on foot. the suicide bomber detonated an explosive best, killing three americans and four policemen and several afghan civilians. >> i heard an explosion nearby and came to the scene. >> this after word came yesterday that another american soldier was killed. this time he was shot by an infighter attack. an afghan soldier who approached a group of american troops who were manning of vehicle control plan and open fire on them. an american contractor was also killed in that attack. >> more deaths reported across
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syria as the fighting continues in the country. this as rebels launched a massive attack on the countries largest city, aleppo. syrian troops bombed the town just four miles from the turkish border and at least 12 people were killed, including five children. so far there is no end in sight to the war that killed more than 30,000 people in the last 18 months. baltimore city police are looking for two suspects in connection with a weekend homicide. a 28-year-old man was shot and it had just after 3:00 sunday morning. he was taken to johns hopkins hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. police believe that an argument broke out between the victim and two suspects, leading to the shooting could the suspects took wagonn a gray station min with tinted windows. baltimore county police arrest a suspect in connection with the shooting friday night.
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rickey freeman faces attempted first-degree murder charges for that shooting. he is being held without bail. police say there is no update on the victim's condition. if fire investigation in baltimore county as flames sparked arounthis morning at bea ave. one firefighter was hurt and at this hour it is condition is unknown. also unknown is the cause of the fire. fire crews in and 1 huckabee are working to determine what triggered a fire in an odenton apartment complex on sunday. we are told that nearly 23 families are looking for a new place to call home after their apartment building caught fire. red cross officials were called to the scene to assist with all those forced to evacuate. fortunately, no one was injured. >> when iame over, i saw the explosion of the flames from the upper level. the fire was explosive. it started going across.
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you have people who lost a lot. the good things that no one lost lives here. >> fire crews are not giving an exact cause of the blaze, but it may have been somebody grilling on their apartment patio. >> we started the day off with sunshine. now it looks like the clouds are rolling in. up next storm system from the south and west. increasing clouds in the sky. the storm system will be pulling in through the latter half of the day. through 3:00 p.m., we are expecting it to be mostly dry for the baltimore metro area. 72 is your bahai for today. by 6:00 p.m., we could start to see showers filtering into the area. 6:00 p.m. and beyond, as we get with the nighttime hours, when we expect the best chances for rain.
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we will talk about rain in the seven-day. >> starting today, any child under 8 years old riding and in car must sit in a booster or child safety seats until they are 4'9". motor scooter operators must have driver's licenses and moped operators permits with them at all times, and wear helmets and eye protection. fantasy football owners can rest easy now, because from now on, it is legal to collect your winnings as a new law exempts fantasy leagues from gambling laws. baltimore will host its third grand prix. organizers did not confirm they would return until last night. officials at raytheon llc told "the baltimore sun" with more time to prepare than last year, they hope to be better organize
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and bring in more revenue than last year's event. some diehard fans have been saying it since opening day, but when it came to ending the o's playoff drought, this was the year, and they were vindicated. when the l.a. angels lost last night, baltimore assured itself its first playoff berth since 1997 paid for -- is suffering fans, is the day they always hope for but can hardly believe finally arrive. >> i have been a fan for a while, since they were bad. a 22nd game of the season, so i've been to a lot of games. >> this city loves baseball. it does not take much, but when the o's are good, the city goes crazy. >> don't you love those glasses? smoke came from the galley of their charter flight to tampa, and it forced the airplane to make an emergency landing in
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jacksonville the flight was later cleared to continue. coming up, authorities in tennessee on the lookout for two children who are thought to have died in a house fire. plus, 10 years ago this week, authorities in d.c. came to the realization that they had a sniper on their hands. details from a recent interview
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>> the search is on for a brother and sister in tennessee who were thought to have died in a fire outside nashville last week. and the state fears could -- invested as could find no sign of them in the rubble of the fire that killed their step- grandparents. 10 years after one of the most notorious killing sprees in the nation's history, d.c. sniper lee boyd malvo is reportedly expressing remorse for his involvement in the killing. in an interview with "the washington post," he talks about his role in the killing spree in 2002. he talks about one killing at a particular, the murder of linda franklin at a home depot in virginia, and seeing her husband react to his wife's murder. he said it was "the worst sort
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of paint i have seen in my life. you feel like the worst piece of that sum on the plan -- scum on the planet." john allen muhammad was executed in 2010 for his part in the crime. malvo, now 27 years old, is serving life in prison. with health care reform behind them, the united states supreme court begins a new term with potentially explosive topics on the agenda. the high court is expected to tackle affirmative action, gay marriage, and voting rights. one of the first cases will focus on the university of texas and the use of race to fill classes. still to come, a look at the dangers of electrical power strips. what you need to know before using what in your home or office. >> next up, we will focus on the radar as we watch the next batch
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of rain in its way into maryland. first, a live look at ocean city from the grand hotel.
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>> no doubt you remember the megamillions craziness from april when a mcdonald's employee claimed to have the winning ticket but never produced it.
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14 of her co-workers that were part of the lottery pool are suing her, claiming that not only did she have the winning ticket, but she and her lawyer came up with the and elaborate plan to have the three public school teachers come forward to attending to be the winners to throw everyone else off. lottery officials left after hearing of the lawsuit, saying that the teachers are the verified winners. your daily pick three and pick four numbers are st. ahead -- straight ahead. in "consumer alert," u.s. agriculture economists say that reports of a bacon shortage are misleading. there is no threat of a widespread pork shortage, but consumers can expect to pay more for the meat and in the coming months. the recent drought is affecting pig feed costs. the u.s. agriculture department has slashed its forecast for corn output to 10.8 bushels,
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police since 2006. the expectations set prices of corn to record highs this summer. amazon uncorks a plan to sell wine. executives had no comment for "the wall street journal," but a number of executives at california wineries confirmed the plans. the winery's it would ship bottles directly to customers, with amazon taking a cut and charging the wineries a monthly fee. nearly a year after a fire destroyed the not washington tavern, they are getting ready to reopen. order sestak for -- a sense that four out selling beer and wine at a block party. >> we are excited, because it will bring life back to the village that we've not had for awhile. that part is that one year to
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the day almost, it is reopening. >> it is scheduled to reopen november 1. >> now the 11 insta-weather-plus forecast with ava marie. >> good afternoon. you'll notice a lot more clouds in the sky compared to this morning. that is when the storm system is approaching from the south. all the rain is from west virginia into mclean. ahead of that, we had some light sprinkles, but nothing substantial. everything is physically west of the appellations right now. this is slowly but surely making its way over here. we are right 70 degrees downtown. 68 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. this is basically where your high temperatures are going to be this afternoon. we are likely to warm and
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least a couple more degrees. not too much more warming because of the cloud cover. that prevents a lot of sunshine from getting in. we are basically at where we are going to be this afternoon not go as far as rain chance the scope, that will be changing through the day. hd doppler shows that all of that rain is from a storm system spinning across the gulf coast states. this is slowly going to make its way later tonight. futurecast is going to show all the clouds increasing through the afternoon hours. our rain chance is increase after about 5:00 p.m. those are mostly going to be towards the western part of the metro area. if you travel from baltimore down to d.c., you will see rain chances or earlier on into the commute. those rain chance this will continue throughout the day tomorrow. scattered showers at any point throughout the day. if you have to have the rain
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gear with you, i would have it tomorrow. mostly cloudy as we got into the 60s downtown. the 60's to upper 50's in the suburbs tonight. that fixes to our forecast for tomorrow. high temperatures in the mid- 70's. it will be a couple of degrees warmer. it may not feel any warmer because of all the clouds and showers. maybe we throw and a couple of bolts of lightning with thunderstorms. watch out if you plan to be outdoors. tomorrow is the wettest day of the week. another storm system is expected to speak our way as we get into the end of the week. just something to keep in mind for friday to saturday. there could be a few more showers. >> in our "medical alert," duke university researchers said that
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kids are largely under represented in studies to determine safety of medications. pediatric-specific diseases are rare, and there are ethical issues associated with testing on children. still, researchers say it is important to include kids in trials to determine appropriate doses. young children are exposed to an average of four hours of background television a day. this is when the television is on what kids are not necessarily engaged in watching it. african-americans and those from the lowest income families were exposed to as much as six hours a day. background television exposure can harm social play and cognitive functioning in kids under age 2. electrical fires can be deadly and in many cases can be prevented. the common cause is an overloaded circuits. power strips and extension cords are pushed to the max every day.
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what do you have plugged in? >> power strips and extension cords look like convenient ways to plug in lots of things that the power. but just because you can fill, depending on what you plug in, you could overload into danger. >> what people typically do is plug multiple things into it because they think that five or six a plugs is a lot of power. >> appliances like space heaters and washers and dryers should never be plugged into a power strip or extension cord. manufacturer guidelines warned that they should only be used on a single output circuit. if you plug it into an extension cord or hours t -- a power strip, mr. can overheat and cause a fire. >> we have an air conditioner, mike white, and a telephone, and there is room for more. -- an air conditioner,
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microwave, and a telephone, and there is room for more. in this case, one thing should be plugged in. >> cell phones and laptops poll in less electricity and are safer to use with powers to it's an extension cords. but not all power strips are made the same. >> these looks similar to each other and have the same number of plugs. they even have a core that looks similar. >> but the one on the left is heavier. it will and will power loads safely. another difference -- the strip on the left has been listing, underwriters laboratories, which suggests the safety standard in the u.s., a certification for products. another power to pass the safety label under and to experts -- another power strip has a safety label on known to experts. >> important stuff there.
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coming up, your maryland lottery numbers. and we will get another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast with ava. first, a look at wall street
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. >> it is the latest craze in australia, flyboarding.
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the device allows users to dive under water and should up as high as 30 feet in the air. it does not come cheap, though, selling for $11,950. time for your maryland lottery numbers. >> ♪ the maryland lottery, let yourself play ♪ >> i am sar pfeifer -- sarah fleischer from 98 rock on this beautiful fall day with your pick 3 numbers. pick four half in just a moment. a visit and check out the top 5 for october. visit your local retailer to get your hot 5 scratch-offs. bob diamond is all set for you.
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-- -- let yourself play. >> ava is back with a check on the forecast. >> we have a better chance for rain tonight into tomorrow. rain jacket needed for tomorrow. warming up to 79 on wednesday. rain chance this return on friday and saturday. >> that you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> watch tonight at 5:00 with donna and stan.
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